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Computer / Networking

TECHCOM Solutions offers an extensive and complete base of solutions for all of your computer needs for small business, non-profit, or your home, the same advanced level of IT consulting and support that large enterprises rely on.

Get full access to your own highly experienced iT consultants, who will ensure that you have:

A reliable and stable network with almost no downtime.

Fast and efficient computers at a competitive-retail cost.

Custom hardware and software solutions tailored to your needs.

Rapid onsite assistance and technical support.

A one-stop solution to all of your technology needs, from network engineering to custom software to web development.

A warm and friendly relationship with exceptionally skilled and qualified staff.

What's Included:

Full Support for Windows and Mac

Computer/Laptop Repairs

Virus and Spyware Removal

Networking services & Security

Remote Support

Data Backup & Recovery

WIFI Systems Consulting & Design

PO Box 251

Larchmont, NY 10538

(546) 598-2631

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